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It is the excellent service that our customers expect and that we provide thanks to our experienced and well trained supervisors and crews. Together we constantly strive to maintain excellence in planning and execution of each job and in choosing the equipment and cleaning materials needed to get the job done right. And environmentally friendly products and services.
Siyaya offers a comprehensive range of specialist cleaning services, tailored to meet your requirements.

We assign a Dedicated Cleaning team, supervisor and operations Manager to your business. We personally Hire, Train and Manage all of our Quality Employees!  As a cleaning company we strive to provide better and more hygienic work environments. Our employees apply the latest techniques in efficient and systematic cleaning. Our well coordinated team is specially trained to handle critical projects within time limits while delivering quality commercial cleaning thus making us highly specialized. We have in place a highly motivated team of employees who complete each project with dedication and perfection.

Innovative merchandising solutions are derived from retail industry experience. Knowing retailer expectations and manufacturer objectives, Siyaya responds with comprehensive, flexible fulfillment solutions. Success at retail is our only acceptable standard.
Siyaya is a people-driven organization! Siyaya merchandisers are well trained to handle any project. At Siyaya, our people make the difference. Siyayas flexible business practices make it easy for clients to conduct business in a timely fashion.